2016 New Rules for Colorado High School Football

NEW Rules for 2016

Blind Side Block

If you this hits like this …

should be a part of the game, you’ll be saddened to hear that the blind side block is now a thing and this play is now a personal foul.

40-Second Clock

The high school game is now taking a nod from professional football as well with a brand new 40-second play clock…sometimes. Imagine your favorite running back went for a seven-yard carry on first down. Once the officials rule he is down, the Back Judge will start a 40-second clock on his personal timing device (ready-ref). The ball will then be spotted and will be ready for a snap when the Umpire steps off the ball. This is a departure from the old sequence of events because the snapper used to have to wait for the “ready for play” whistle. If a team is trying to use up the play clock, they’ll get a signal from the Back Judge with 10 seconds remaining (One hand fully extended) and at 5 seconds he’ll start chopping. HOWEVER, If there is an administrative time-out  (change of possession, penalty, injury, clock error, etc.) there will be a 25-second Play Clock.

No Clipping in the Free Blocking Zone

Linemen used to be able to dive at the ankles of the opposition if they were in the free blocking zone at the snap. This is now illegal which is a bummer for most linemen…if they still have good knees.