Football Referee Supply List

What you’ll need to get started reffing:


2-1/4” striped shirts with flag on left chest. Should have short sleeve and long sleeve as all officials wear the same length sleeves for the game. Foul weather shirts are available from several outlets.
Black pants w/white stripe.
Black belt
Black hat w/white stripes
Black shoes – be comfortable.


Penalty flags – 2
Bean Bag – everyone should have 1, BJ needs 2 preferably different colors.  Most prevalent for our Association are Black, Blue, and White.
Game card – make your own, buy some, whatever your choice.
Whistle – finger or lanyard and a back up. CFOA prefers lanyard for wings.
Down indicator(rubber bands work)

R needs a coin
U needs two down indicators for ball position.  They have a cool new down marker with a slide that works great.
Linesman should have a clip and something to make emergency chain repairs (zip ties in the sweat band of my hat).
LJ should have a timing device.  (The LJ is responsible for timing the game if the scoreboard clock becomes inoperable.)
BJ needs a 25/40 second timer and that 2nd bean bag. Smart watches have apps, ReadyRef, etc.  For part time BJ’s, borrowing a ReadyRef is fine. Using a watch for lower level games is fine.

There are many reputable suppliers including